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Social Responsibility

ReProtect is a socially responsible company.

We collectively seek to improve the lives of women, and in turn, the lives of their partners and families by:

» protecting sexual and reproductive health,

ReProtect's Mission is to create prophylactic contraception so that women and their sexual partners are free of the damaging effects of disease and are able to plan whether and when to have children.

» developing microbicides that are safe and effective,

ReProtect has developed the first contraceptive microbicide, BufferGel®, in an effort to create a product that is safe and non-toxic to the reproductive tract but still effective against STD pathogens.

» testing microbicides in an ethical way.

ReProtect's core value is the protection of women, their partners and their families. While the ethical testing of a microbicide product is complicated, it will never be compromised in the name of innovation or profit.

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