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ReProtect Intellectual Property

ReProtect's products are protected by a portfolio of issued patents, with additional patents pending in the US, Canada, and Europe:

US 5,617,877

Methods for Acidifying an Ejaculate of Semen Inventors: T.R Moench and R.A. Cone
Covers the acidification of an ejaculate using any formulation containing a carboxylated polymer.

US 5,592,949

Device for Acid Buffering and Method for Inactivation of Pathogens Inventors: T.R. Moench and R.A. Cone
Contraceptive and disease prevention with acidifying and absorptive intravaginal device. This device is not being actively pursued, as subsequent IP is considered more promising


European application corresponding to US 5,592,949 and US 5,617,877.
A Decision to Grant has been issued on this application.
US 6,216,697.


A Device and Method for Acidic Buffering Inventors: TR Moench and RA
Pending Canadian patent application corresponding to US 5,592,949 and US 5,617,877.


Condoms with Lubricant Compositions and Packaging Providing Enhanced Functionality Inventor: TR Moench
Provisional US application describing lubricant formulations and methods of application and packaging that provide spermicidal and microbicidal activities, and non-slip characteristics for condoms

Duet Intellectual Property

US 6,216,697
US 6,474,338
US 7,316,232
Device and Method for Simultaneously Delivering Beneficial Agents To Both Cervical and Vaginal Lumen Sides of the Vagina
Inventors: T.R. Moench, K.J. Whaley and R.A. Cone
Duet™ device patent. Intravaginal cervical barrier device with sombrero-shaped dome allowing efficient delivery of gel on both sides of the device.
DE 69,834,568
ES 1,028,677
FR 1,028,677
GB 1,028,677
European patents corresponding to US 6,216,697
Pending US application further broadening the claims of US 6,216,697. Filed: August 15, 2002
Intravaginal Device with Improved Rim Designs and Methods of Making Same
Inventors: TR Moench, RA Cone and R Wills
Pending US application on novel rim design for Duet
WO 06125159
Intravaginal Device with Improved Rim Designs and Methods of Making Same
Pending European application corresponding to US application 20060260619

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