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ReProtect Inc. is developing products that protect reproductive health, that is, products for contraception that also protect against sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. Condoms are currently the only available products that protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), but condoms are not widely acceptable and are severely underutilized. As a result, there is a significant market opportunity for more acceptable products and products that actually enhance intimacy, and provide “dual protection” against pregnancy and disease.

ReProtect’s strategy is to be first on the market with contraceptive products that also will be tested for their ability to prevent HIV/AIDS and other STDs. BufferGel® has been evaluated for safety and efficacy in studies within the National Institutes of Health clinical trial infrastructure. Other non-diluting resources have been committed for additional product development and evaluation.

  • BufferGel, the first detergent-free spermicidal gel for use with a diaphragm.

BufferGel is the first microbicide under development to be proven safe and effective in a Phase III clinical efficacy trial (CCN 003). It is intended for over-the-counter (OTC) sales with global distribution. It is also being tested clinically for BV prevention, and for HIV/AIDS prevention (Phase II/IIB, HPTN 035).

  • Duet™, a ready-to-use, internal barrier device, for use with BufferGel for contraception.

Duet™ is inexpensive to manufacture, may be re-used several times, and is intended for OTC sales based on its one-size-fits-most design. The device may also be used with other microbicides when they become commercially available. Duet is designed to provide women the most reliable protection against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Additional products based on the Duet platform will be developed to provide a broad range of vaginal therapies.  The first therapeutic product is expected to provide treatment for bacterial vaginosis (BV), the most common vaginal infection in both the developed and developing world.

Contraceptive spermicides currently on the market (the “sponge”, suppositories, and gels) use detergents to kill sperm. It is known that detergents irritate the lining of the reproductive tract, and, when used frequently, may cause such extensive damage that use of detergents has been implicated as a cause of increased transmission of HIV/AIDS.

ReProtect’s products are being stringently tested to be safe, reliable, and convenient. Both BufferGel and Duet™ are patented with additional patents pending.



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